Sleep to Success

One of the keys to success in business and life, in general, is mastering the art of a good nights sleep. There are plenty of basic changes that can be made to your lifestyle which can make the world of difference. Even by adopting some small changes gradually, you will instantly notice the feeling of more energy, greater motivation, less volatile mood changes, reduction in stress or anxiety and improved overall wellbeing.

The best resource on the topic is the book ‘Sleep Smarter’ by Shawn Stevenson.

I would highly recommend the book in general and particularly the audiobook, as the author narrates it himself, which helps to personalise the story. I later purchased the kindle version as there was so much good content, I wanted to study it more and refer back easily at my discretion.

The key focus of the book is on the importance of sleep ‘quality’ rather than ‘duration’. If you are unable to get the length of sleep you think your body needs to function well, you can actually take action to improve your sleep quality so that the shorter periods are equally as beneficial, if not better.

The other thing I liked was how not only did it get into the art of a perfect nights sleep (the whole point of the book) but also some digression into general health and wellbeing strategies. The author is very knowledgeable in this area, so it was great to get some added tips, but also keeping it relevant to the theme of the book.

It has definitely changed my outlook on sleep hygiene. Although I had an interest in this topic already, I still think the average reader would find it entertaining and beneficial.

I hope you it has as much of an impact on you, as it has to myself!